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IBS meaning irritable bowel syndrome is generally a bowel disorder which prolongs for a longer period of time, which may even continue to the duration of several years, unlike constipation, which remains for a short term. Other names of IBS are a spastic colon, nervous colon, mucous colitis or spastic bounds. The sufferer has to go through conditions like abdominal ache and changing pattern of the bowel movements.

There are four types of IBS depending upon its occurrence –
*IBS-D (IBS with diarrhoea)
*IBS-C (IBS with constipation)

The risk factors include colon cancer, celiac disease, the formation of bile acid while other signals include chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, evacuation, bloating, abdominal distention, and so on. A person suffering from IBS is generally found to have a Vitamin D deficiency.

Our services detect the disorder as soon as possible and cure it through various medical implications by doing changes in diet or through probiotics. We ensure to provide trustful services, so it becomes very important to clear all factors. As such, there is basically no such permanent cure for IBS. But through our expert techniques and services, we lower down the symptoms as much as possible and help the patients to suffer less.

Bacterial and fungus overgrowth takes place in our body, which gives the form of IBS. Currently, 10-15% of the population has been affected by IBS. One should note it clearly that IBS is not a contagious, cancerous, or inherited the disease. Instead, it a dietary allergic disease.

If one is looking for the best Ayurvedic treatment, in Dhanbad and aiming to get IBS treatment at Dhanbad, then Kerala Ayurveda Dhanbad is the one-stop solution for all. One can rely on our services and get the contact details from our website.

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